Kip Thomson

Kip Thomson is a graduate of the 2017 Colson Fellows class. Kip grew up in Butler, PA and graduated with a chemical engineering degree from Penn State. Before retiring in 2011, Kip worked in a variety of marketing positions at Dow Chemical, living in Cleveland and Michigan before moving to Houston in 2001. He has a wife (Wendy) and four grown children (but no grandchildren yet). He lives in Katy and is an active member of Grace Fellowship where he has served on the Church Council and is currently a small group leader. He also works part time as a consultant on new product development. Kip has a passion for helping people understand how the Christian worldview provides the best answers to the challenges we face as individuals and as a nation.

Tom Bulling

Tom Bulling is a graduate of the 2006 Colson Fellows class (back when it was called the Centurions program). Tom grew up in Holland PA, north of Philadelphia and graduated with a B.S. geology degree from LaSalle University and later an M.S. from Texas Christian University. Tom started working for ARCO and is currently with BP’s Lower48 company. He and his family have moved both domestically and internationally but call Katy home. He has a wife (Debbie) who designs websites, and two young adults, one is a surveyor and the other in graduate school. He lives in Katy and is an active member of Kingsland Baptist Church where he serves the Ten:24 Early Career and College group. Tom enjoys helping fellow Christians understand how the Bible provides a complete picture of how God intended the world to work and what we can do to restore culture.

My favorite memories of the Colson Program were listening to Chuck’s passion when he talked about the book he co-authored with Nancy Pearcey, “How Now Shall We Live”, T.M. Moore’s great series of devotionals, and the movie reviews by Dr. Ken Boa (always a treat on the Friday night of the residencies).

Thom Polvogt

Thom Polvogt is a graduate of the 2009 Colson Fellows class. Thom moved to Katy, Texas from Colorado in 1978. While in the ministry of Youth for Christ, he received his Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Colorado. Now a successful owner of the Caleb Insurance Group with four offices. His efforts are to communicate and teach Biblical World view to our next generation. A Member of Katy's First Baptist Church and a Trustee for the international Mission Board (Southern Baptist). Thom, married for 48 years, has four (4) daughters and eleven (11) grandchildren. Active in the Silver Fox Roundtable, Katy Area Economic Development Counsel, The YMCA Board, the Mission Development Committee, the Christian Outreach Committee of the YMCA, he still wants to have an impact in helping others get a firm grasp on a Biblical worldview.

Peter Johnston

Peter Johnston is a graduate of the 2006 Colson Fellows (previously Centurions) program. As a speaker, teacher, and writer, he has addressed dozens of subjects dealing with the intersection of Judeo-Christian truths and values with culture.

Peter is a Scholar in Residence for the School of Business at Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OKWU) and the Keating Center for Capitalism, Free Enterprise, and Constitutional Liberty also at OKWU. He is also an online adjunct instructor and consultant in specific class development for OWKU. He was privileged to develop American Framework for Free Enterprise, a required graduate course for the Masters of Business and Masters of Strategic Leadership programs. The course provides the graduate learner with an understanding of an interrelated political, economic, and moral context of American business. Students investigate five core principles -- free enterprise, our Constitutional republic, federalism, the rule of law, and Judeo-Christian values -- and are challenged to assess how they may integrate and implement those principles into their 21st century business and/or leadership experiences. He has also instructed classes in leadership and ethics as well as business law.

Having spent the past fifteen years working primarily in research and public policy, currently along with the academic instruction he provides, Peter is in the process of setting up a ministry focusing on Biblical worldview.

Peter’s educational background includes a B.A. degree in history from Cornell University, a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree from the Way College, a J.D. from Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy, and an M.B.A. from Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

Peter and his wife Nanette live in East Bernard. They have four children and five grandchildren. He and his wife have been active in lay church ministry throughout their thirty-seven years of marriage. They are members of theCHURCH in Rosenberg whose lead pastor, Jimn Kyles, is a Colson Fellow.